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Here's the latest:

I have changed jobs, About Justin Gengo - New Job. This will give me the time to do something I've wanted to do for a long time now - re-write this site utilizing the ASP.NET MVC Framework. I'm also going to split the site up into a few sub-webs. I'm in the midst of deciding what the break-out will be. This is based on a suggestion given to me a long time ago by a good friend, Patrick de Ridder. I think this is the right time to do so because the tech blog that I've added to the site is a great success. I get more hits within this area of the site than any other.

The checkboxlist requiredfieldvalidator has been updated. A number of bug fixes and features have been implemented:
  • The validator now has proper client side validation even when created dynamically.

  • Multiple validators used with multiple checkboxlists on one page now work properly.

  • Cross-Browser functionality has been updated. The validator's client side validation now works with IE, Firefox, and Safari (tested on the latest versions of each).

Thank you to Michael Argentini of for making me aware of the dynamic control bug.

And thank you to Kevin Efune of for making me aware of the multiple list problem.

The latest version may be seen here: CheckBoxList RequiredFieldValidator Demo

And the component may be downloaded from here: Component Library

The tech blog has its RSS feed. A comments section will follow.

The tech blog is finally up and running. In the near future an RSS feed and a way to post comments will be added. Check it out here: Tech Blog

A new image upload server control has been added to the fortunate library of .NET controls. The Fortunate.ImageUpload object allows an image file to be uploaded to an website, resized, optimized, and converted to .jpg, .gif, or .png format.

The Javascript and CheckboxList RequiredFieldValidator components have been re-engineered to work with AJAX. They auto-detect if they are on a regular .aspx page or a page using AJAX and apply the proper client-side javascript for each scenario. Both may be downloaded from the Component Library page. And I'd like to thank Vincent for the suggestion, and for sending sample code that allowed me to do this.

An explanation and screenshots of exactly what the Fortunate Library setup program installs and to where have been added to the Component Library page.

The Fortunate Library has been updated to make the Application object more compatible with windows forms applications. It may be downloaded from the Component Library as a standalone install or as a Visual Studio 2008 project with full source code.

The Javascript, Page Utilities, Search and String Utilities objects in the Component Library are now available with instructions for use, sample code, and working demos.

The Fortunate Library v3.5 is now available for download as a full source Visual Studio 2008 project or stand-alone install.

Download it from the Component Library

The code repository is up and running! Search functionality has been added back in, so if you're arriving here from an old link to the code library the search feature is your best option for finding the code you're looking for.

Welcome! The website is currently undergoing many changes. Many areas are not yet operational. More functionality will be added every week though so check back often.

In the meantime thank you for your patience.
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