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Want to test your websites at different screen resolutions easily?


Want to test your websites at different screen resolutions easily?

Are you programming on a screen with a large resolution? Larger than what most people will view your website at? Need an easy way to test what your application looks like at different screen resolutions? Use the following javascripts. Here's how:

To use the following javascripts:

1. Open your favorites folder (Start - Favorites - [Right Click] - [Open]
2. Create a new folder called "Window Size".
3. Copy any internet shortcut you already have in your library and paste it into the Window Size folder you just created.
4. Rename the Internet Shortcut you just copied to "640X480".
5. Right click on the shortcut and choose "Properties" from the menu.
6. Paste the 640X480 javascript found below into the URL textbox.
7. Before you click the "OK" button please note that you will see the following error message: "The protocol "javascript" does not have a registered program. Do you want to keep this target anyway?" Click "Yes" when you see this message.
8. Repeat for the other two shortcuts. (And add any other resolutions you'd like.)
9. Please note that the given resolutions have 20 pixels removed from their heights to account for windows users who don't auto-hide their start bars.

640 X 480
  1. javascript:window.moveTo(0,0);window.resizeTo(640,460);window.moveTo((screen.availWidth-640)/2,(screen.availHeight-460)/2);

800 X 600
  1. javascript:window.moveTo(0,0);window.resizeTo(800,580);window.moveTo((screen.availWidth-800)/2,(screen.availHeight-580)/2);

1024 X 768
  1. javascript:window.moveTo(0,0);window.resizeTo(1024,740);window.moveTo((screen.availWidth-1024)/2,(screen.availHeight-740)/2);

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