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Fortunate's free .NET components for completing common C Sharp, VB.NET, and JavaScript development tasks.


Fortunate Component Library Version 3.5

Download the Fortunate Library Here:

Fortunate Library 32bit - Stand-Alone Install

Fortunate Library 64bit - Stand-Alone Install

Fortunate Library Solution - Source Code

Fortunate's free component library contains many components I've built for myself and improved over the years. Each component provides easy ways to complete common programming tasks that come up often.

A short explanation and demo of each component may be seen by clicking the links on the left.

The Fortuante Library comes with a setup program that installs all components to: C:\ProgramFiles\Fortunate Library 3.5\Assemblies (ProgramFiles(x86) on 64bit systems). Or you may download the entire Fortunate Library as a Visual Studio 2008 solution which contains all source code and the installers.

The installer also makes a registry entry so that the Fortunate Library .dlls can be referenced in your projects just like any other reference is made:

Controls that are components may also be added to the toolbox. To do so right click within the toolbox tab you'd like to add a control to and select "Choose Items" from the menu. Then check the control you'd like to add.

(I've noticed that in Visual Studio 2008 I've sometimes had to close and re-open Visual Studio 2008 before controls I've added to the toolbox appear.)
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