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The Fortunate.StringUtilities Object - extract strings, pad strings, remove html. It may be used for both windows development and web development.



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Fortunate Library 32bit - Stand-Alone Install

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Fortunate Library Solution - Source Code

The Fortunate.StringUtilities object contains methods to extract portions of a string, strip all html from a string, and pad a string with spaces which will even show up in a drop down list.

If you've ever tried to put spaces into a drop down list in front of a list item you've probably noticed that you can't. The secret is to properly encode the space. Check the two drop downs below to see the difference.
  1. Dim StringUtilitiesObject As New Fortunate.StringUtilities
  2. PaddedDropDownList.Items.Add(New ListItem(StringUtilitiesObject.Pad(Server, PadLength) & RandomNumber.ToString()))
  3. StringUtilitiesObject.ExtractString(Label.Text, "href=""", """")
  4. StringUtilitiesObject.HtmlStripper(Label.Text)

Here is some <b>html</b> to extract from <a href="" target="_blank">About Fortunate</a>

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